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About Us

Founded more than five decades ago in year 1959, EJAB GROUP completed its 50th anniversary on the 19th of October 2009. It began its journey into the world of business with the birth of National Construction Company which was soon followed by one of the largest jute mills of the country, National Jute Mills Ltd. in the year 1967. After the Liberation War in 1971, the Jute Mill was nationalized and Ejab Group began its venture into more diversified businesses. They gained enormous attention with the establishment of “Himadri Limited”, a potato cold storing company.

Involving itself in the fields of Jute based products, Edible Oil Mill, Rice Mill and Potato Cold Storages, Ejab Group went a step ahead with adding wide range of processed food products. Adding another new venture is its own Seed processing expertise by which we produce potato, rice, maize, wheat and vegetable seeds. Through our distribution network, we not only distribute our own products but also distribute CEPSA Lubricants, a product of Spain. The group is also involved in Real Estate and Housing Development under the name of Ejab Developers Ltd. (EDL).

Based on the increasing changes in the consumer behavior, Ejab Group is open to take any necessary changes and steps to help enhance its business policies and planning. With a commitment to provide social services through its products, Ejab Group strongly adheres to its motto: "No Compromise with Quality".